Dan Bridgman has spent the last 10+ years designing, developing and analysing data systems and products. The last 3-4 years have been dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in Data Analytics and Science, and he now works as a Senior Business/Technical Consultant for DOMO Inc. At DOMO he helps clients to build insightful solutions around Data Analytics/Science and to help a variety of businesses answer the most pressing problems they have with data.

When not working as a ‘corporate Data Scientist’ Dan can be found working with the http://www.minervacollective.org/ tackling problems for not for profit organisations and charities to bring about greater social impact in Australia and further afield.

Dan graduated from the University of Hertfordshire with a Computer Science degree (2:1) and is currently pursuing a MSc in Data Science at the University of Sydney (currently 80% Distinction average with High Distinction in ALL coursework).

In the little remainder of spare time he has he enjoys running with his beautiful partner, reading fiction and non-fiction as well as keeping his Netflix account topped up! 😉

If you wish get to get in touch to find out more or understand his availability for future engagements or projects please throw a message through the Contact page. Details of work history can also be found on the Resume and Projects pages.

Github: https://github.com/datadanb
LinkedIn (work): LinkedIn – Dan Bridgman